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QR CODE MENU Contactless Digital Menu For Restaurants in Nepal

QR menu is an online QR code based menu for restaurants in Nepal that allow user scan and access the restaurant digital menu that will be displayed on their smartphone. If you are restaurant owner - you can sign up to our system and add your menu with beautiful photos and images. Our system will create a QR for you. You can showcase your QR as menu in best possible way. When customer come, they can scan the QR and see the menu.

How to use QR Menu in Restaurants?

You can just simply show your menu digitally in the best possible way, by showcasing your food and beverages with beautiful photos and videos. Take advantage of our other features that will guarantee an increase in sales and guest satisfaction while being more personalized with your guests by still providing physical table service.

3 Step to Create QR Code Menu For Your Restaurant

Now you can create QR Code Menus for your Restaurants of Nepal in just 2 mins and use it for dine-in.

Step 1: Create your menu
Step 2: Design QR & Download
Step 3: Get Order